Q: How to clean pool screens?

A: Remove debris from the surface of screens by carefully brushing them with a soft push broom. Then mix a solution of liquid detergent and water. Use a soft sponge to apply in a left to right motion. Rinse with clean water from a water hose and allow screens to air dry. Using a commercial high PSI pressure cleaner is not recommended, due to the fact of high risk for cutting the screens from the sprayer and removing the paint off the aluminum frame. Standard pressure from a water hose is sufficient for cleaning and maintenance. 


Q: What type of screen do we use?

A: Oceanside Screen only uses the BEST screen materials available such as Phifer Screens. www.phifer.com The life of this screen with proper cleaning maintenance should last up to 8-10 years and some customers have reported even longer up to 12 years. There are other screen manufacturers that have surfaced after the 2004 hurricanes, unfortunately, some of these screens only last up to (3) years. Phifer Screens are the BEST investment for longer life of your screens.  There are different types of screen to choose from:


Phifer 18x14 Screen

NO-SEE-UMS (20x20 mesh)

Pet-Screen (Pet-Proof Screens)

Florida Glass, Privacy Screen

Phifer Tuffscreen (Super Screen)

Sun-Screen Shade Screening


Q: Should I go with a partial re-screen or a complete re-screen on my Pool Enclosure, Porch or Lanai?

A: It depends on the age of your existing screens. When screens reach the end of their life span they start to turn silver, when a new screen is installed it's a darker color. So, you will see a big difference between your old and new screens. Also, if your screens are near the end of their useful life you will need to replace them soon so it can be more cost effective to have them all done at the same time. We always inspect your screen enclosure from TOP to BOTTOM and provide you with two professional detailed estimates one for a partial re-screen and one for a complete re-screen. You decide which way is right for you.


Q: Our Pool Enclosure frame has a lot of algae on it can it be cleaned?

A: Yes, with a complete re-screen we offer a FREE cleaning to your screen enclosure frame to remove any algae prior to installing your new Phifer Screen.


Q: How do I keep my pet from damaging my screen?

A: Phifer Screen who manufactures and excellent Pet Screen which has become very popular for keeping animals in or out of a screen enclosure. This Pet Screen is very durable with about four times the thickness of regular screen which is normally used in the lower side wall and door panels.  Pet Screens also perform great in many other applications. Ask to see a sample!




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